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Now Installing Well-Connect – Hybrid Geothermal

Go Green and Save Green with Well-Connect

the affordable Geothermal!

The Well-Connect Hybrid Geothermal uses your well water to heat your home! This energy-efficient system does not replace your current heating system but rather works in combination with it. The Well-Connect supplies 80-90% of heat for your home and can operate at 400% efficiency year round which can save you thousands of dollars!

Why Choose Well-Connect?

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort In Your Home

Reduce Dependency on Fuel oil, wood or propane

Heat your home as low as $600 all winter!

Cool your home as low as $50 all summer!

Save Money by Using Your Well to Heat and Cool Your Home

  • Works simultaneously with existing furnace, maximizing savings
  • Each unit comes with a Real-Time Performance Monitor
  • Only 2 – 3.5 gallons per minute required
  • Both Heats and Air Conditions your home
  • A typical install can be as little as a unit and an additional pressure tank and can be installed in a day
  • Energy Star Certified and qualifies for NYS and Federal tax credits of 25% and 30%, respectively*
  • The system is installed for about 1/3 the cost of conventional geothermal systems and is paid for by the propane or fuel oil savings
  • Reduces propane costs by 80% to 95% on average and reduces heating costs by 50% to 70% versus propane

*You must pay taxes to be eligible for the credits

How It Works

Well-Connect uses energy in your well water to heat & cool your home. It functions just like your refrigerator, moving heat into or out of your home.

Heating Your Home

Well-Connect moves heat from your well water into your home. The slightly colder well water is transferred back to the earth.

Cooling Your Home

Well-Connect moves heat from your home to your well water. The slightly warmer well water is transferred back to the earth.

Well-Connect is designed specifically for rural homes with an existing well and that are heated with propane, fuel oil, electric, or wood. Typical applications are in homes under 3,000 square feet (1,500 to 2,500 square feet on average).

This is a perfect solutions for someone who can not justify a closed-loop geothermal system and this is a superior alternative to air-source heat pumps in colder climates!

Terra Caloric, LLC, the maker of Well-Connect, was founded in Alpena, Michigan by a group of engineers, who specifically set out to design, manufacture, and distribute an innovative line of water source heat pumps. Over decades of experience with energy efficient measures, they realized that while heat pump technology is an excellent way to heat and cool a home – especially in rural areas – the air source heat pumps were just too inefficient and the ground source heat pumps were just too expensive for most people. Thus, they developed a unique affordable solution where there is an existing water well and where either propane, fuel oil, electric resistance, or wood is used as the heating source.

Common Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it burn my pump up?
With the addition of a large storage pressure tank, the pump run time is 2 minutes with an 8 minute off time. This is well below the recommended daily start/stops for submersible pumps.

Will my well go dry?
Water below the ground is like a river, not a lake, and is constantly replenishing itself. The staff will evaluate your well completion report, if available, to determine the recorded recharge rate. If it is not available or the rate is on the lower side, a well inspection will be conducted to determine that the recharge (refill) rate of the well is enough to service your home and the unit.

Will I have a lake in my yard?
With proper discharge installation, there is no issue.

Will it waste water?
No water is wasted, 100% returned to the earth & it is a clean energy – compared to fossil fuel.

Is my water quality too poor?
Well-Connect is designed to handle well water. A sediment filter is installed before the unit to catch any incoming sediment.

With Over a Decade of Success and over 1500 successful installs in Michigan, Hawk Drilling Company is very excited to introduce Well-Connect to New Yorkers!


We have serviced wells, pumps, and water treatment in the Capital Region for almost 100 years and we’re ready to put our experience to work for you.

Use your well to save you money!