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Pressure Tanks

Pressure Tanks

What You Should Know About Pressure Tanks

Our choice for pressure tanks is the Flexcon Flex-Lite fiberglass brand. These tanks have a 5-year warranty and are made for strength and do not rust/corrode like metal tanks can.

The point of a pressure tank (despite the name) is not to create pressure in your house; it stops and starts your pump and maintains the pressure that the pump offers. A pressure tank is sized to the ability of your pump. If the pump can push 7 GPM, then the installed tank is an FL7 (7 gallons of drawdown from the switch setting – you flow 7 gallons in the house between the start and stop of the pump). If the pump can push 10-12, then an FL12-sized tank is installed. As with all motors, your pump is rated for starts and stops, if the tank is bad or too small, the pump will fail prematurely.

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Watch this video about How a Pressure Tank Works.