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Transform Your Water with a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System…

And Create Delicious, Healthy Water Free of up to 99% of Common Contaminants found in Adirondack Region, Upstate New York, & Capital Region water.

Transform Your Water with a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System…

And Create Delicious, Healthy Water Free of up to 99% of Common Contaminants found in Adirondack Region, Upstate New York, & Capital Region water.

Hawk Drilling Company offers a variety of installed drinking water systems designed to reduce contaminants from the water your family drinks. Installed drinking water systems can be tucked away under the kitchen counter or in the basement.


Hawk Drilling Company offers a variety of installed drinking water systems designed to reduce contaminants from the water your family drinks. Installed drinking water systems can be tucked away under the kitchen counter or in the basement.

The perfect complement to a conditioner for the water-conscious family is a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Our exclusive line of reverse osmosis water purifier systems are specifically designed to provide clean, clear, better-tasting drinking water by reducing more than 95% of dissolved solids including many harmful contaminants. Now you can have bottle-quality water at your tap.

The Impression Series® R.O. system reduces harmful contaminants, which turns common tap water into the fresh, quality water that nature intended us to drink. A four-stage system filters water down to the molecular level, then uses a final carbon filter to reduce any unwanted tastes or odors. The result is simply healthier, better tasting water.



drinking water system

The Impression Series® R.O. Reverse Osmosis (RO) System provides better water when and where you need it, without taking up extra space. This efficient system instantly filters water to deliver a continuous supply when you need it most.


  • Multi-Stage filtration for purified drinking water
  • Environmentally sound water treatment
  • More cost-effective than bottled drinking water
  • Fresh filtered water from your tap, at your convenience

A Hawk Drilling Company reverse osmosis system (RO system) is a water purifier that reduces or eliminates nearly 50 different types of chemicals and other impurities.

Some examples of what RO can reduce include, but are not limited to, toluene, lead, PCBs, dichloropropenes, trichloroethanes, insecticides, and ethylbenzene.

Most importantly, you’ll have your local water professional helping you get the high-quality water your family deserves AND the service to back it up for years to come.

You’ll Have Options:

  • We can typically connect to your fridge for delicious cold water and crystal clear ice cubes.
  • Various styles and finishes to match your kitchen fixture décor.
  • Optional electronic faucet indicates when filters and membrane need to be replaced.
  • The system is expandable if additional filters need to be added.
  • Additional filter selections are available, including higher capacity sediment, or a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rated filter.
  • The membrane can be upgraded to a 75 gallon per day membrane.
  • Adaptor kits are available to easily add a permeate pump system, which provides improved flow rates at the faucet.
  • Optional remineralization cartridge.

With a Water-Right Reverse Osmosis System You Get:

  • Semi-permeable membranes to reject solids
  • Three or four-stage water filtration
  • Specially formulated pre-and post-filters to reduce contaminants, eliminate odours, and improve taste.
  • Automatic shut-off to conserve water
  • Optional electronic monitor to alert you when filters need changing
  • Space-saving designs

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Verified Local Adirondack Region, Upstate New York, & Capital Region Reviews

During the process of buying a new home, we encountered... some well issues and sought assistance from Hawk Drilling. I was amazed by their attentiveness and willingness to help. Hawk Drilling assisted us through the many steps of the process, well shocking, testing, and water filtration installation. Not only were the ladies behind the phones extremely helpful the many times I called, but all of the workers who showed up were professional, friendly, and informative to what they were doing. I would highly recommend Hawk Drilling for any of your well needs, and I will definitely be using them in the more
Fran Wolf
Fran Wolf
I reached the point with my water problem that I didn’t... know what else to do. Then I reached out to Hawk. They saved my sanity. After dealing with 3 companies that tested water, recommended the usual, charged me a fortune, and didn’t solve the problem Hawk did much more specific testing and found the problem. They developed a specific water filtration system and the water is now normal. This company has experts that are the best, they always go the extra step to problem solve. Most importantly they show genuine concern for their customers and run an ethical company. I’d definitely give them 10 stars if I could. By the way their price was more than fair considering all the work they more
Brian Alm
Brian Alm
I could not be more satisfied with this company. I had a... very tough well situation with a tough install. Sandra managed my expectations along the way and made every effort to save us money and unnecessary strife. The tech's were clean, skillful, and efficient. I agree with the previous poster - "family run business that treats the customer like family." The service industry has taken a hit, but I am relieved to know there are still gems out there. Thanks Hawk Drilling!read more
Bill Cherry
Bill Cherry
Had a great experience with the entire Hawk team. I had a... well that stopped developing water. Hawk was very responsive to my problem, professional, knowledgeable and thorough, and more than exceeded my expectations. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend more
Brian Plath
Brian Plath
Hawk well drilling is a top-notch company used them for... parts for many years recently had my well go bad need some advice. Called them explained my situation they were able to talk me through my problem and suggest a fix.
I would like to give a big shout out to SANDRA by the way she is awesome.
She took the time to sit down with me to go through everything with me so i could fix the problem. You just don't find these types of people to work with.
I would highly recommend Hawk to anyone.
read more
Incredible staff and customer service!! Everyone was... extremely professional and their installation time and work was flawless. 10 out of 10!!read more
John D
John D
Family run business that treats the customer like family... too. They comeWhen they say they’ll be there and go above and more
Michael Blais
Michael Blais
I had some basic well questions and one of the employees... worked me through the issue over the phone when another company wanted to charge $400 to come do a check. I'll definitely be calling Hawk back if I have any more
Daniel Cain
Daniel Cain
We have had Hawk Drilling out to our house 3 times since we... purchased it back in November of 2021. Cannot say enough great things about them. They have been able to troubleshoot some complicated issues with us quickly, affordably and reliably. From the team that answers the phones, troubleshoots and dispatches to the team out here doing the work, they are really top notch and a pleasure to do business with. Huge shout out to Shawn and Chris who were just here this morning and had me back up and running within 5 minutes. Highly recommend Hawk more
Evelyn Draus
Evelyn Draus
We had recently purchased a new house with a well which... needed total replacement ( the original well was less than 20 feet deep and contaminated with road salt). Hawk was recommended to us by a friend, and we could not be happier!We were scheduled into the books for water testing just a few days later. Sandra was extremely knowledgeable and provided all the information we needed. After five long months of closing, we had called to have our well drilled.Amanda was able to get us in that next week, and well drilling started just a few days after, which we were thrilled about as we had no access to usable water! Jeremy bumped us ahead in the schedule due to weather and we had a completed well in a day and a half. We were able to borrow hoses to run the water for as long as we needed.The Hawk Team is professional, prompt, and incredibly knowledgeable (and a bunch of dog lovers!). I received weekend phone calls to check on the water even though they were not open. Hawk cares about its costumers and provides 10/10 service. Will always highly more
Did a great job and the price is the best around and you... get quality equipment. And they came early given the emergency situation being without water. TODAY I WAS AND AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR HAWK WELL DRILLING!read more
Jill DeMatteo
Jill DeMatteo
Outstanding customer service high quality workmanship.... Install my well about 10 years ago great water no issues. Very highly more
Absolutely amazing service.
Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray
I once again need to give this company 5 stars. I called... this morning about an issue I was having with my treatment system. I had a truck roll in a few hours later. Knowledgeable, professional, and explained everything. Such a pleasure to find this kind of service!read more
Fast and efficient. Fixed my water issues. Great service
Siobhan Dahl
Siobhan Dahl
Super fast service. Great people. Got the job done quickly
Tested our water and gave a quote for a water softener.... Very professionalread more
Jeremy and the entire crew at Hawk were professional and... fast to get our water back. We appreciate all their hard work!

I highly recommend the Hawk Drilling team!
read more
Great communication, new well and pump within estimated... cost. Highly more
Tara Catalfamo
Tara Catalfamo
Called Hawk Monday afternoon, Amanda set up an appointment... for my pump to be looked at. Bill and Sean arrived 10 minutes AHEAD of schedule, and told me they could have a new pump installed right then and there. They were done in less than 2 hours! Cleaned up the area, tested the pump and made sure everything was working. Absolutely 100% recommend Hawk Well. They have a new forever customer. Extremely happy with them!read more
Chrystal Muir
Chrystal Muir
Highly recommend this company. Very knowledgeable and... professional. Willing to take the time to explain the process and reasoning behind the repair. Very good customer more
When our well pump in Lake Pleasant started short cycling,... we anticipated a long wait for service and a major expense. When contacting Hawk, the office staff was very friendly and helpful. They were able to schedule a service call in a couple days though their business is 60+ miles away. The service tech called me ahead of time to get a description, then called afterward to say they found a minor problem and left me a detailed explanation. Service industries have taken a lot of hits recently. Hawk Drilling Co is one of the pleasant exceptions. Thank you!read more
Hawk Drilling to the rescue! After 3 years with well/water... issues in a new home and thousands of dollars wasted, Hawk Drilling was able to identify the root of the problem and fix everything. They spent time trying to understand and untangle the mess that others had band aided. The water is flowing nicely, the well is working correctly, no leaks, no unnecessary equipment and the water is excellent! I would highly recommend Hawk Drilling!read more
After 3 years in my new home, thousands of dollars and... continued well/water issues that others just band aided, I finally found Hawk Drilling. They cared enough to really take the time to understand and resolve the issues. I have found the best company that I can trust, knows their stuff and worked efficiently to help me. Thank you Hawk Drilling!read more
From the office staff to the field guys, everyone at Hawk... is very professional, honest and reliable. They were able to give me options for my well/water issues (coliform) and clearly and patiently describe the options, recommending the less expensive one. They ended up installing a UV system and revamping my RO. In doing so, they cleared up my problem and to boot, my water is finally tasty too! Highly recommend Hawk!read more
Quinn Kelly
Quinn Kelly
I purchased a piece of property years ago in an area that... is known for water problems. Several people told me that I would never find sufficient water to build a house. I hired Hawk to drill a new well for me back in June 2020. Jeremy drilled and found me sufficient water per county requirements and good quality water as well. 15 months later we just moved into our newly built home. We would not be here if it wasn’t for Hawk! Jeremy could truly find water in the middle of the Sahara.

I also worked extensively with Sandra for our flow test. She is super responsive and will help in any way possible. She helped me numerous times with dealing with Department of Health. Great people to work with!
read more
Bonnie Emrich
Bonnie Emrich
Thank you Raymond and Matt! Hawk is the best!... 🏁🏁read more
Jane Diviyak
Jane Diviyak
Thank you for your quick response in replacing my... submersible pump. The guys were friendly and efficient and did a great job!read more
Paul Uhlig
Paul Uhlig
Hawk drilling came today and installed a new pump and... holding tank. Very prompt and price very reasonable.. Recommend then very highly. Thank you Hawk more
Erica Cavanagh
Erica Cavanagh
We bought our house about 6 months ago. Our well passed... inspection and then failed like a month after moving in. A family of 6 with four small kids and no water felt pretty emergent so we hired someone asap. Long story short the first well was dug 400plus feet and got us water that was 4000 times the amount of minerals allowed in public water. It burned when you drank it. The only filtration system that would help was useless because our flow rate was still so low it wouldn’t work. The current drilling company handed us a hefty bill and passed us on to Hawk drilling (super hero emoji). It was determined the best place for the well was in the way back of our property and the best chance of us getting a rig back there was to clear the land and wait till it froze. The thought of waiting months for clean water with dirty laundry, dishes...babies lol piling up everywhere was just unimaginable. I’m tearing up just writing about it. Hawk LENT us a 1000gallon water tank! There are no words to express my gratitude for this huge act of kindness. You never think about the amount of water you use till it’s gone. Then you meticulously calculate how much water it takes to shower, bathe kids, dishes, laundry, wash hands, flush toilets lol. A family of 6 typically uses about 600 gallons a day... we conserved and went through a tank every ten days. (This also saved our pipes bc the minerals were quickly accumulating inside them, inside our slab foundation, need I say more?) They fielded many phone calls where I was at my wits end praying they knew when the ground would freeze and I was always met with compassion and empathy.
Then came drilling day!!!!! We prayed our little hearts out for a clean, prosperous well. 20ft, 27 GALLONS A MINUTE! DRINKABLE WATER!!!! Crying just writing this. I watched as Hawk busted their tails getting the rig back there, getting the rig out, digging up our whole yard laying the pipeline... and then putting our yard back together. The joy and peace you feel watching people work so hard and take such good care of you and your family... there are no words.
Our water stopped a week later and I texted Jeremy trying to keep my cool but totally freaking out inside, afraid the well failed. Plus, of course it was a Saturday. He showed up within an hour, found and fixed the problem (sediment from old well knocked loose and got stuck in a valve). Jeremy, Amanda, Chris... everyone at Hawk, you will forever be our heroes. Thank you for everything and God bless your wonderful hearts and your awesome company. Love, the Cavanagh’s
read more
Michael Yuhasz
Michael Yuhasz
Today Jeremy and his team came out and pulled our well and... replaced our pump. They were professional and up front with pricing. Highly more
Fast , very professional service .Will highly recommend... them to everyone .Thank you .read more
Diane Saunders
Diane Saunders
This is the best company in the capital district. They are... experts at finding right drill siteand are responsive and reliable. Jeremy feels like a miracle worker to me as he drilled a well for us which is our third none dug by hawk except this last one and we are blessed with wonderful water in abundance

I highly recommend these guys!!!
read more
Larry Fine
Larry Fine
These people did it all. Communicated well, showed up on... time, were considerate of my time. They did what needed to be done with an honest straight forward approach. Very easy to work. And most importantly, they did an excellent job with a warranty to back it. Yes I highly recommend Hawk drilling. Thank you more
Christian Bills
Christian Bills
These guys are excellent!! Showed up a week ahead of... schedule did a clean and quick job with great results. Highly recommend to anyone!read more
They are thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. We've had... numerous water problems (not because of them) and they get here quickly and explain what/why they are doing something.

Love them!
read more
Tj Jordan
Tj Jordan
These guys are awesome. We a had a motor in our pump go... and they were at our house at 7:45 the next morning! Great customer service! Thank you!read more
Matt Kenna
Matt Kenna
I called Hawk drilling company this morning for our home... having no water. Ended up being our well pump motor froze up. Thank you Hawk co for quick response and awesome service. Highly reccomend 5 star!read more
Eric Nemer
Eric Nemer
Hawk Drilling was extremely responsive, found the problem... and fixed it when they said they would and under budget. I'd highly recommend more
I will recommend Hawk Drilling Company to everyone I know!... And don't know for that matter! Their customer service is amazing, and they are just all around caring people!read more
Jennifer Jane
Jennifer Jane
I called Hawk Drilling Company to see if they could come... out today after turning on my faucets and having no water at all come out of them. Jeff arrived, as pleasant and courteous as can be, a calm, supportive presence even while faced with me rather stressed with worry and fear about my no water situation, following him around, asking questions, nervous and upset, fearing the worst. He was reassuring, knowledgeable, and professional, and found and FIXED the immediate issue in no time, a bad pressure tank switch. What a relief! He discussed my options regarding my very slow to fill well and what I needed for my water in the near future, patiently answering all my questions. Hawk is the only drilling/well company that I will ever deal with and recommend! Give Jeff a raise!!read more
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Ballston Spa NY Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Get a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for your Ballston Spa NY home

Hawk Drilling Company was founded in [eastablisheddate] as a water treatment company offering reverse osmosis water filters and the best commercial and residential water treatment products for decades in the Ballston Spa area. We’ll give you a free water analysis and figure out the ideal water treatment system for your business. We carry commercial water softeners, filters, and RO systems from Water-Right, and have everything from high-quality affordable options to the highest tech items that can connect via wifi. Give us a call for a free consultation today.

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354 Stone Church Rd Ballston Spa NY 12020
Phone Number: (518) 885-7952
Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

About Ballston Spa NY:
Ballston Spa is a historic Village just under 20 minutes from Saratoga Springs and about half an hour from Albany. The area provides a quiet respite from the busier destinations in the area like downtown Saratoga and Lake George. Ballston Spa is a village and the county seat of Saratoga County, New York, United States, located southwest of Saratoga Springs. The population of the village, named after Rev. Eliphalet Ball, a Congregationalist clergyman and an early settler, was 5,111 at the 2020 census. Ballston Spa lies on the border of two towns, situated partly in the Town of Ballston and partly in the Town of Milton. The Ballston Spa School District encompassing most of the combined towns of Milton, Malta, and Ballston is often referred to locally as ‘Ballston Spa’ with the village proper being referred to as ‘The Village’ or 'Town'.

Saratoga County Airport 3024, 405 Greenfield Ave, Ballston Spa, NY 12020, United States Head south on Greenfield Ave toward Geyser Rd 23 ft Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Geyser Rd 0.7 mi Turn right onto Stone Church Rd Destination will be on the left 0.1 mi 354 Stone Church Rd Ballston Spa, NY 12020, USA

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews:

See why we are the top reverse osmosis water filter provider in Ballston Spa
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Counties in/near Ballston Spa:
Saratoga County, Fulton County, Montgomery County, Hamilton County, Herkimer County, Washington County, Clinton County, Rensselaer County, Albany County, & Schoharie County

Cities in/near Ballston Spa:
Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Latham, Saratoga, Clifton Park, Amsterdam, Johnstown, Lake George, Glens Falls, Fort Edward, Schuylerville, Stillwater, Mechanicville, Ballston Spa, Greenfield, Broadalbin, Perth, & Mayfield

Zip Codes in/near Ballston Spa:
12020,12863,12019,12027,12866,12151,12850,12118,12074,12008,12833,12170,12302,12325,12065,12148, 12859, 12086, 12308, 12150, 12301, 12345, 12305, 12154, 12871, 12307, 12309, 12884, 12025, 12188, 12010, 12831, 12304, 12137, 12306, 12047, 12822, 12121, 12303, 12110, 12201, 12848, 12128, 12185, 12182, 12070, 12056, 12834, 12183, 12205, 12189, 12181, 12094, 12084, 12828, 12069, 12085, 12117, 12835, 12028, 12846, 12211, 12177, 12203, 12803, 12180, 12206, 12016, 12009, 12204, 12053, 12801, 12816, 12210, 12141, 12208, 12207, 12159, 12212, 12214, 12220, 12222, 12223, 12224, 12225, 12226, 12228, 12229, 12230, 12231, 12232, 12233, 12234, 12235, 12236, 12237, 12238, 12239, 12240, 12241, 12242, 12243, 12244, 12245, 12246, 12248, 12249, 12250, 12255, 12257, 12260, 12261, 12288, 12227, 12247, 12198, 12134, 12052, 12209, 12078, 12809, 12095, 12057, 12107, 12186, 12133, 12202, 12823, 12140, 12082, 12090, 12804, 12068, 12072, 12054, 12144, 12066, 12839, 12196, 12059, 12077, 12873, 12089, 12865, 12061

Neighborhoods in/near Ballston Spa:
East Line, West Side, Milton Heights, Northwoods, Hyde Park, Clifton Park Center, Crescent, Vischer Ferry, Jonesville, Country Knolls, Rexford, Halfmoon, Downtown Amsterdam, East End, West End, Hagaman, Cranesville, Reid Hill, Wallins Corners, Victory, Quaker Springs, Northumberland, Hudson Falls, Greenfield Center, Middle Grove, Porter Corners, Lake Desolation, Mosherville, Greenfield Manor, King's Station, Kings Mills, Fayville, Broadalbin Village, Perth, Mayfield, Union Mills, Cranberry Creek, Stevers Mills, Fish House, & Vail Mills

Frequently Asked Reverse Osmosis Questions:

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to reduce unwanted molecules and particles from drinking water.

What does reverse osmosis reduce?

Reverse Osmosis reduce common chemical contaminants such as:

  • sodium
  • chloride
  • copper
  • chromium
  • lead

Some systems may also reduce:

  • arsenic
  • fluoride
  • radium
  • sulfate
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • nitrate
  • phosphorous

How much is reverse osmosis system?

A Reverse Osmosis System cost depends on the type of system you’re looking to purchase. Under-sink reverse osmosis systems range from $250 to $7,500. Whole house reverse osmosis systems range from $1,000 – $18,000. System costs depend on a number of factors but are most closely tied to the amount of water that needs to be filtered per day.

How to remineralize water after reverse osmosis?

You can remineralize water after reverse osmosis filtering through various methods. Most modern reverse osmosis systems include a remineralization tank that takes care of adding minerals back into your water for you.

How to make reverse osmosis water alkaline?

You can make reverse osmosis water alkaline by adding alkaline minerals and raising the ph of your filtered water.

What is not reduced by reverse osmosis?

What is not reduced by reverse osmosis may surprise some. While RO filters will reduce a wide range of contaminants from your water, it will not reduce some pesticides, solvents, volatile organic chemicals VOCs (like chlorine and radon), dissolved gases (ammonia, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide), and organic contaminants (such as formaldehyde, methanol, acetonitrile, methyl ethyl ketone, etc.).

How much water does reverse osmosis waste?

Reverse osmosis wastes on average about 4 gallons of water per gallon made. If you use 3 gallons a day for drinking, cooking, and internal consumption, that means you will waste about 12 gallons, making a reverse osmosis system about 25% efficient. Comparatively, a washing machine and dishwasher use electricity and hot water (which takes energy to heat) and waste every gallon of water they use.