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UV Water Disinfection to Reduce Bacteria in Adirondack Region, Upstate New York, & Capital Region

UV Water Disinfection to Reduce Bacteria in Adirondack Region, Upstate New York, & Capital Region

Ultraviolet Water Purification Filtration

UV (ultraviolet) water purification is a chemical-free, cost-effective and efficient way to ensure your water is free of harmful bacteria.

If you are unsure of the microbiological quality of your source water or if you are looking for additional security from your municipal water source, then Hawk Drilling Company has the solution for residential UV systems.

UV technology is proven to control microbiological (bacteria & virus) issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia. Our systems provide the ultimate in UV protection for your home.

With a professional staff and certified water treatment experts, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is safe throughout the whole home!

How UV Systems Disinfect Water

A UV water treatment system includes four main parts: the ultraviolet lamp, a high-quality quartz sleeve surrounding the lamp, a stainless steel chamber, and a system controller. There’s a lot of complex science behind the process of UV water purification, but the idea is quite simple.

Water runs through the steel chamber where it is exposed to UV light, which deactivates bacteria and waterborne pathogens. Then the water is safe to consume. UV light disables bacteria and viruses by attacking and disrupting their DNA. Once a microorganism’s DNA is damaged, it can no longer function or reproduce, which means it can no longer cause an infection or harm.

Pathogens in water require different intensities of UV light in order to inactivate the DNA. Plus, the flow rate of water also has an effect as it determines the length of time microorganisms are exposed to UV light. There is an accepted standard for UV light application, and most manufacturers have various systems providing different doses depending on what is required.

The Benefits of a UV System for Water Purification

UV light treatment offers some impressive advantages for homeowners who choose to invest in this type of water treatment. For one thing, UV purification is a physical process, not chemical, which means it doesn’t involve the use of chemical disinfectants such as chlorine. There are also some microorganisms that are chlorine-resistant, yet UV treatment is able to take them out. (Chlorination systems are an age-old technology that still has it’s place in certain water treatment scenarios, and can also cure multiple well water issues.)

Because these systems are chemical-free, they’re better for the environment. UV systems, such as those from our partner Viqua, are also energy efficient. A typical Viqua UV system uses the same amount of power as a 40 watt lightbulb. Maintenance of your UV system is fairly easy, but some homeowners do choose to have a water treatment professional help them out when it’s time to replace the lamp or clean the quartz sleeve.

To ensure you’ll always have microbe-free water, UV system control units will alert you when the lamp needs to be changed.