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Jet Pump

Jet Pump

What is a Jet Pump?

Jet Pumps are set in the house and are started & stopped by the switch on a pressure tank. Unlike submersible pumps that push water into your home from inside the well or storage tank, Jet Pumps suck water into the house.

There are 2 main types of Jet Pumps: Shallow Well and Deep Well.

Shallow Well Jet Pump

A shallow well only has 1 line and acts like a straw. These are most commonly used for well point and dug well systems.

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Deep Well Jet Pump

Deep well Jet pumps have 2 lines exiting the front of the pump: the 1” line is for suction and the 1.25” line is used to circulate the water back down the well to create a siphon, which allows the pump to suck from deeper depths in the well. 

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At Hawk Drilling Company, we are happy to fix or replace a shallow well jet, but we no longer fix or replace deep well jet pumps. After decades of experience, it was learned that in the end – it just isn’t worth the labor and the correct next step is to replace the pump with a submersible pump. Our trained technicians are happy to discuss this further with you.  Please call us at (518) 885-7952 any time.

Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are not used to lift water from the well, but to pull water out of storage to re-pressurize the house. Although shallow well Jet pumps and end suction submersible pumps are also great tools to do this, DAB pumps are a wonderful substitution to allow for more regulated pressure in the house (closer to city water pressure). These pumps are quiet and do not require a pressure tank to run.

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